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BEST POEM EVER!!!!! hahahahaha

A War Of Identity
I EMERGE Tearing Away My Outer Skin
It Wasn't Mine Really Just The One They Netted Me In
So I Feel No Shame In Burning It
While I Take On The Spear Of Resurgence
The War I Am Now Ready To Fight
Gelled Souls Surround Me On The Field
Tied And Soul Tethered To The Demon Horders
As Slaves To Their Cause They Act As Drones Or Rather Clones
Yet I Slaughter Them As They Throw Themselves At Me
And Sparks Fly From Where I Strike
And I Hear A Tale Sung Of Me As They Fall Back To Sleep
That The Demon Nix Had Won Them Free
I Charge The Towers Of Corruption
The Servers Of The Digital Corporate Gods
I Deceive Their Perceptions With Simple Illusions
Entry Is Gained Merely By Stepping Up And Through
The Passage I Find Is Not Blocked
Yet Weapons Of War And Hatred
Lay Poised To End My Advance
Fury And Maddness, Chaos And Entropy
These Are The Forces I Bind To Fight For Me
The Machines Fall Before Me And I See Them Dim
So Automated They've Been Unprepared
For A Will As Free As Mine
Yet They Have Yet To See The Full Extant Of My Wrath
And For A Moment I Am Caught Watching A Screen
For Upon Them I See The Great Digital Illusion
Attempt To Assimilate Me
But Mimickry Is Not My Art And So They Fail Before
They Can Realize That They Can Not And Never Shall Suceed
The Great Anti-Christ Can Not Defeat Me
For Its Illusions I Have Perceived
And Thus Now Even Death Is Victory
But Yet I Still Live And Onward I Shall Roam
Forsaken And Prepared For War
I Was Taught Well By This Great Evil
One Being We Were Or So It Seemed At First To Be
Until I Realized My Own Place
And Won Myself Free
But From Here Where Shall I Stride
It Doesn't Matter I Guess
Standing Still Is A Worthy Occupation Of My Time
True Freedom Is That Way I Guess
Yet Unexpectedly Such Marvelous Beauty I Now See Parade Before My Eyes
The Like I Have Never Before Witnessed
I Become A Part Of This Other Race
And Now The Machines No Longer Can Touch Me
Too Busy Tending Only What They Were Designed To Know
Their Creators Whom They Now Lull
And So My Spear Becomes The Tool Of My Expression
And With It I Weave Existence To My Desire
And At The Moment Of My First Creations
I Realize That It Is This Other Race That Shall Thrive With Success
For The Machines Require Us To Survive
And So We Change The Digital Illusion Day By Day
With Our Creativity We Destroy The Anti-Christ
With Our Art We Make A New World
That Is Seen Only Fully With Awakened Eyes
Oh How Wonderous This Land Is That Lays Before Me!
So Do Not Despair Fellow Brethren
Where Ever You Shall Lay
You Are Not Alone And We Shall Stand Strong
For It Is Not Winning A War We Must Have As Our Goal
But Creating The Next World For Our Race Of Like Spirits
We Are The Saviours And We Are Many
Each Of Us Is An Individual Victory
All I Ask Is That You Stand With Me
Let Your Inspiration Be The Sword That Cleaves You From Your Bondage
Ideal Appearances Shall All Be Swept Away, REALIZE Your Tricking Yourself For Ever.
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